Thursday, October 9, 2008

Here Comes the Sun

So. This: we also tried to do in one take...the visuals were done live and fed into the shot of Tammy singing.

The idea of feeding the visuals into a shot of Tammy's performance was done before in Original Plastic Jam which was an improvised sound and video slam jam.

Comes from the Sun isn't an improvised song so, (a) it's not as much "fun" somehow and (b) with constant rehearsals, I developed a plan for the sequence of shots so we lost some spontaneity. I was still performing them live and there was a visual and sound delay that kept me from being solid on the timing of the images. No take was ever done exactly the same as the other. We ended up choosing Take 10 simply on the basis of sound quality.

I'm not sure how the idea of Comes from the Sun came to Tammy. I'd love to hear a cover of the song done by Tom Waits. Maybe it was a bit literal but these solar images are just stunning. I realized that I had these images saved up from the 3C84 project and I could co-perform the visuals with her live. These images I got from various websites of (mostly) independent observatories from around the world that provide them for free.

"Don't wait for answers...just take your chances! Don't ask me why." -Billy Joel


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