Saturday, October 25, 2008

Wardrobe Malfunction

Spot the differences in the two pictures!

1. The shoes are different.
2. There's a toy piano in one picture.
3. The Lego stuff is all different.
4. Tammy is wearing a sweater in one picture.
5. The lighting is different.
6. The composition of the shot is slightly different.

We didn't plan to shoot this today. The Instant Videos are absorbed into our daily lives. "I want to get out of the back room." Let's shoot a video in every room in the house. Move the stuff out. Practice the songs. Keep it going. You ready? Yeah? "Let's just do it." We need a heart.

The key difference between the two pictures. One is our first take. The other is the 19th take. The looper keeps malfunctioning. But we just keep on going.

Every time we start a different take, I change the angle a little bit. One tiny change after another. We're losing the light. Tiny random changes to Lego. Georgia and I have been playing with them all day. I have a notion that I can make a Lego contraption to fit over the camera's lens for an interesting effect. What remains on the floor are my failed attempts.

"I want to take off my sweater...I think the shoes are the issue." Tammy is not used to the way they feel as she hits the looper pedal. Can this be called a Wardrobe Malfunction? The red shoes are donned. "We have a good take." Let's do another one. "We gotta start dinner soon." One last take. Okay.


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