Saturday, November 1, 2008

I Spy a Heart

"We're gonna need a heart." Yeah. "Would you happen to know where those stickers are?" Yeah. I know exactly where there are.

I run upstairs to get them. I pick up the tripod. The camera. The hearts. Each video has to have a heart. It's become one of the rules. The I Spy game started with Rolling Stone. See if you can spot the red heart placed somewhere in that one shot. There's a heart in Comes from the Sun, Stars! and Overwhelmed too. Find them all!

We only have tonight to do this. There's only six minutes left on the VS-880. That's it. Take 3 would have to do. There. If we had even the slightest idea that we were going to do a special Halloween edition that would have been days of "what can we do?" Instead it's "this is what we're doing." It just fits itself in. But only at the last minute. The instant video self-organizes.

First thing, Georgia says with Love Wind. "What's that on Mom's forehead?" It's a bindi.


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