Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Constellation of Numbers

You know what it means when a 12-hour download just happens to finish in the morning. You get to have it with your cup of coffee.

Depending on how strong the coffee, installing can be as confusing as Sudoku. First I have to install 10.4.11 to run Final Cut Express. Then, I have to install Quicktime 7. All of this, hours of waiting.

You know what it means to rewind a cassette tape with just the perfect pencil.

Like some kind of slacker archeologist, I manage to rescue a mangled cassette tape using a pair of tweezers and Scotch tape. I get to extract Marless Star from this very limited self release called Songs for Dark Highway / Music for Parking Lots made just after Sunny was born in 1997. Sixteen songs have been lost until now.

You know what it means to have time fly.

I launch Express and it tells me I need more RAM to run the software. So I run some tests. While the kids play outside. It's warm enough.

Yay! It still works! Parumpumpumpum.

I need to refer to Memory - Instant Video #18 really quickly for this next one. I've been waiting for this. Because, in my head, #24 completes the prophecy that Memory foretold.

In the constellation of numbers, Instant Videos are distant stars. There it is! The Sweet + Sour supernova and the My Waves neutron quasar. It's finally mapped out.

You know what it means to need to have a way of explaining things to yourself.

You can see it in the sudden cutaway shot near the end. That's where she grabs the coconut halves from. They're just hanging from the back of the chair.

Marless Star
by Tammy Lin Foreman

they don't care
they toss their hair
won't let it show
still I know

when they're all saying
that it's okay
their laugh sounds funny
it seems so grey
coz everybody is wanting

for their heart
to be held
for their heart
to be held

but I won't say
that it's okay
coz I miss you
in midnight blue

and the sparkles that shine
from your eyes
when you're happier
than the skies

you are a
marless star

and everbody knows it
everybody can see


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