Sunday, March 1, 2009

Never Ever Seen Anything Like This

The Looper is really dead. Tammy's been going on the false hope that there was life after batteries. But it's actually really really dead. And we are about to shoot the next video...right now!

Fortunately, she rented another Line6 from Long & McQuade in Brampton when she visited her Mom yesterday. She was hoping to use two loopers for Lights Blink. But now she's gonna have to just make do with one. Well, at least we have one that works!

Last week's video actually really felt like some kind of death. The end title card in SHOCKER even looks like some kind of epitaph.

There's a fraction of me that wants to throw in the towel and end the project right here right now. It's that fraction of me that's tired and with a lot on his mind. The part that just wants to rest in peace for a little while.

Tammy suggests we take a break after #28. But I'm scared that if we take a break - we'll end up killing the project.

Tammy's gung ho. The situation doesn't give us much time to mourn the looper's death. It's late. We're set to shoot. There happens to be a replacement looper. Let's go.

Yes. Magic moments continue to happen. Fortunate coincidences that conspire to create each week's video without too much effort.

Lights Blink very much feels like the Instant Video version of Life After Death complete with Tammy's new halo outline and angel's wing... We've finally crossed the threshold.

And all those blinking lights? Maybe the song is really saying when we die a giant UFO mothership will come and take us away to some twinkle twinkle version of Heaven. All aboard...wheeee!

Lights Blink
by Tammy Lin Foreman

Lights blink blink blink
Lights blink blink blink
Way up high

Lights blink blink blink
Lights blink blink blink
Don't ask why

I've never ever seen anything like this
Never ever seen anything like this
It feels like bliss
It feels like bliss

Drivin' drivin' always arrivin'
Drivin' drivin' always arrivin'

For this week's heart, a strobe light and the cardboard packaging for some new health bars came together effortlessly. And thanks to Geoff for designing the "spaceship window" seen in the opening credits. Brilliant, sir! Hope you like...


Blogger GeoD said...

very coool....
What were the spike-like lights...?

March 2, 2009 at 12:43 PM  
Blogger Lester Alfonso said...

as seen in the picture's a battery operated fiber-optic "plant" from the dollar store. I lowered the camera super slowly to get the effect of the light spikes "growing..."

March 4, 2009 at 7:32 AM  

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