Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Tammy!

For the cake decoration, my sister offers the Limited Edition M&Ms she picked up at M&M World in Florida. They are green mint crisp candies to commemorate Indiana Jones.

The bedtrack is fed into Tammy's right ear from Georgia's iPod shuffle. The wireless mic she sings into is covered by a red Christmas bow.

There's no time. Again. It's Tammy's birthday and I want to take her out to the movies. And Christmas takes it away from her. Every year.

The candles..yeah! Perfect. She'll have her cake and eat it too.

Rush. My heart beats so fast. And. Just for the record, the cake is delicious.

Sweet is Low
by Tammy Lin Foreman

oh so gentle
you are these things
mornings / evenings
all afternoon
dream of the moon
keeps you busy
when you get dizzy
when your sweet is low
your sweet is low

when your mental
you are these things
am / pm
dream in 4/4
keeps you busy
when you get lazy
when your sweet is low
your sweet is low
your sweet is low



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