Saturday, April 4, 2009

Twirl in a Film Festival!

I recently found Twirl (2003) in the Original Plastic archives and submitted it to the 3rd annual Millbrook International 3-Minute Film Festival where it was short-listed tonight and was projected six-feet high and luminous.

I was bemused to see Twirl was the one selected by the jury out of three under-3-minute films I submitted to the festival this year. You can never ever tell these things. It came as a surprise and a boost!

Maybe it just struck a chord. Maybe someone was just talking about that Nostradamus special on the History Channel about his predictions for the year 2012 over donuts and roll-up-the-rim-tim Tims.

Maybe they were just feeling appropriately apocalyptic when they popped the DVD into the player. Their decision gives us a glimpse of what it might have been like in that room with the jury as they deliberated to come up with 24 finalists out of 81 entries.

Whoa! I was impressed with a one minute film from Suberg, Switzerland directed by Simon Banmann called A Cigarette for Two which I'm so happy is on YouTube so can share it here. Genius.

The Black Diamond Golf Club was standing room only. No awards went to Twirl or Cigarette for Two and many other great films.

I didn't think there was a chance, but I had a speech in mind. Just in case. I just made it up.

"The other half of this award, of course, belongs to my Better Half - Tammy Lin Foreman, whose grace and music continues to inspire me to become a better person every day."

Twirl is a blast from the past. The festival selection makes it the natural choice for a YouTube premiere to fill-in this week while we brainstorm and regenerate for the next 76 Instant Videos to come. Something to tide you over.

Originally part of the Labours of Love series of music videos we made one week at a time and uploaded (on dial-up) to ZeD way back in the early 21st century. This is the roots of Instant Videos.

The video was foretold in a prophecy: it will be uploaded three times in the lifetime of the internet and each time the moon will be blotted out of the sky by a heart-shaped shadow.

by Tammy Lin Foreman

c'mon love give me a twirl
waiting for the end of the world
c'mon put your hand in mine
'til the end of time

destination: i don't know
still i'm anxious to go
as long as my view
includes you
charlie, i don't mind

waiting for the end of the world



Blogger GeoD said...

pfft - you shoulda snagged something... and you are right - cigg for 2 - brilliant! lol ty for sharing..

April 8, 2009 at 4:23 AM  

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