Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Post Apoc-Olympic

Quick email. Brian - thanks so much for that bucket of green paint. I finally got to use it...Here's a link to the movie. cheers, Lester

Another email. Hey Sekoiaa, again, thanks for your film, it was the inspiration. The film didn't get used in the end but it is there in spirit. Tammy played that same musical score she performed for your film and I live-mixed video of flames rear-screened behind her. I then printed frames from the video and filmed them burning on top of green screen boards I painted last week.

The idea, was actually for last week's video. But it was a last minute switch as usual. The rear-projection screen was for an impromptu test screening in my living room. I was just going with the flow; it was an easy homemade thing to do.

Fire. Much respect to the element and its powers for purification. Layers are revealed. Like molting insects. We burn our old selves off. And start anew.

by Tammy Lin Foreman

Fire, fire, fire...


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