Friday, June 12, 2009

Down and Dirty

Instant Video #30 wouldn't be the first video for this song of Tammy's.

This is flashing back a few years ago when we lived in Toronto; another late night. I was experimenting with my new editing system. I decided to make Tammy a video for a song she had just finished mixing. I was working on a National Geographic special at the time and this public domain footage literally just fell onto my lap. It was a spontaneous marriage of sound and image - so crazy it seemed to work.

I Had Hid went on to be screened in a film festival and was broadcast on national television in 2002.

I'm a bit surprised that Tammy wants to do this song again. Old feelings are brought up. But it also feels right.

It's nighttime so we have no light to work with. I thought I could stretch the "using only available light" parameters and shoot it all by candlelight. Then, I thought, what would happen if I played with the candles a bit... It kinda reminds me of the magnifying glass video.

Sepia plus the candles equals an old fashioned look. Maybe Tammy can wear an old lace dress. I want to put her on a wheeled platform and pull her through the spooky hallways of a haunted mansion led by flying candles.

Then, as quickly as it came, the inspiration turns to disgust. Take two? Really? No. I've lost faith in this idea. Flying candles? Wha?

But now I have a demo...for something. Maybe put together an Instant Video compilation reel of failed attempts. That could be funny. See! There's a reason for everything.

Try again tomorrow. The gear stays put; same location. Nothing changes, except... "All I know," Tammy says the next day, "Is that Tom Feenstra painting has to be in this one."

Pause. "Okay," I say. "I can work with that." So. Tammy puts up the painting and I focus my lens on its details... Another sudden flashback.

I have to summon a wild abandon now. I have to call up my inner giddy cameraman. He'll make some mirthful sense out of my everyday. His eye will wander off and find distraction.

It's finally uploaded now. After eight tries, I think this one will finally work. If I had to do it again. I'd make Tammy do some gardening first and then shoot the video with some mud on her hands. Close up: muddy hands on the keyboard. Get down and dirty.

I Had Hid
by Tammy Lin Foreman

You know I never meant to hurt you
And I can't believe I did
I'm sorry that all the things I just said
I had hid, I had hid, I had hid, I had hid
I did

I really should have told you sooner
Why did I wait so long?
Coz you thot that we were getting closer
But I didn't feel that strong

It was so little to me
And so big to you
I thot that you'd begin to see
But you never did see thru
I had to tell it to your face
I don't feel the same as you
And now you're gone but there's a trace
Of everything I've held on to
I had hid, I had hid, I had hid, I had hid


Blogger jaclyn p said...

so soulful. love this instant-video / song.

August 13, 2009 at 12:16 AM  

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