Monday, November 17, 2008

And he says...

I'm sitting in the cold back room. It's quiet in here. I can think.

The back room is crowded with stuff. And I'm just part of the clutter. It's also freezing in here. I have to wear my jacket. My hat. I can see my breath. I'm thinking. Thinking. What next?

I don't have an idea. I just know that I want to put something in front of the camera to make the image murky. I hear the song. I love the song. I see the image blur in my head. I see soft hues. Maybe I can put translucent glass in front of the lens. Then, move the glass slowly for effect. But how to do that without putting too much attention on the film maker? I don't want to do that.

I see the stroller. The dusty lava lamp. The old plastic storm window. These plastic storm windows were custom made. We put these up over the windows in the winter to help insulate the house. This window is damaged; it has a big gash on the plastic. It's sitting in this cold room waiting to be repaired. But wait a minute -

Maybe the plastic, the gash... This could work. But what about the heart? I could draw a heart on the plastic with a pen. Yeah. That's it.

No. Maybe I'll just cut a heart-shaped hole to get rid of the damaged part on the plastic. Yeah? I think so.

Tammy says "Hmmm!"

But the background is all wrong. No, no. I don't want to see living room furniture in the background.

Tammy says "What about those backdrops from the Sound of Music? We still have those in the attic."




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